• Legislation consultant co-ordination through the GTİ.P (Customs Tariff Position) number identification,
  • If necessary to Openning goods,
  • If necessary, record Importer Association when making reservations, as a result of coordinated work of the Foreign Trade Foreign Trade Institutions Institutions coordination uzmanımızla before the provision of the necessary documents and reports,
  • Beginning the process of registration of customs declaration and agree to the examination of goods,
  • Deficiency in the event of damage or error attachment of the minutes and to inform the relevant units,
  • Customs Duties and other costs be calculated and checks your company cost statement or block the intake of the letter of guarantee,
  • Customs declaration, registration and follow-up procedures,
  • Customs clearance process is completed, the goods delivered to the address specified in the instruction will be given by,
  • Document delivery form and documents to be delivered to you.

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